About Us

Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Company (ADASI) – already known as a reliable one-stop solution provider within the autonomous systems industry is now focused on further development and evolution of our core activities. Based in the UAE, but capable of acting across the SAMENA region, ADASI’s scope includes the acquisition, development, test, operation, training and full service support of autonomous systems for air, land and sea use. This includes modification and reconfiguration of unmanned systems, in particular identifying and integrating alternative payloads. A subsidiary of Tawazun Holding, ADASI’s beginnings can be traced back to early 2007. Since then we have been developing our activities to take a leading position amongst our peers.

Through our concerted efforts in support of the United Arab Emirates Government, as well as with our partners, we strive to develop and strengthen the nation’s technological capabilities.

Autonomous systems are ideally suited for any task that is difficult, dangerous or dirty. In recognition of this key characteristic, our scope, level of expertise and creative ideas are being tailored to seamlessly merge the latest innovations of robotics and autonomous systems with emerging strategy and policy in our region, while maintaining the necessary ethical standards. Ultimately, the achievements of ADASI will yield regional benefits for years to come.


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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