CEO's Message



 “I am privileged to have the opportunity to head the talented, experienced and highly capable team that we have put together at ADASI. We bring to Abu Dhabi a new and highly innovative industrial sector, which will ensure diversification of the economy and resultant benefits for the UAE and the region for decades to come.

Our ability to create new companies and joint ventures together with some of the world’s leading corporations puts us in a pivotal position to drive the development of autonomous system forward. As young company, we will also create opportunities for Emirates to enhance their expertise in autonomous system as their industrial sector evolves and grows.

Over the next three years, ADASI’s plans will include a wide range of new and exciting opportunities. My team and I stand ready to meet new and interesting challenges during the months and years ahead.” 

Ali Al Yafei

Chief Executive Officer


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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