Tawazun Group Companies

Tawazun Holding was established in 2007 to develop ventures through industrial partnerships and strategic investments that add value to the UAE’s manufacturing sector across a number of areas: defense and aerospace, automotive, munitions, metals and technology.

Tawazun has partnered with a hand-picked selection of world-class market leaders to build skills, expertise, products and systems in the UAE.

NIMR Automotive

At Nimr Automotive, we design, manufacture and support wheeled vehicles to meet the growing needs of armed forces and internal security organizations.

Our vehicles efficiently meet the highest multi-purpose objectives set by the international defense sector.
Vehicles with unique characteristics such as compact high mobility in the hi-tempo environments can serve in different roles such as Command, Reconnaissance; logistics and internal security.

Caracal International

The year 2003 marked a new chapter in the history of weapon design. Joining forces with leading industry experts from Europe, a team of UAE professionals developed an arsenal of modern pistols.

Officially launched during the 2007 IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Caracal delivers a complete range of small firearms solutions to civil and government clients in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South Africa. In early 2012, Caracal extended its footprint into the United States as an extension of the company’s foresight and growth strategy.

Caracal Light Ammunition (CLA)

CLA produces a range of diversified calibers and variants of Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) for both military and special purposes.

Today, CLA remains the preferred choice among most SAA users due to its NATO-compatible production of calibers 5.56x45mm, 9x19mm, 7.62x51mm and 12.7x99mm ammunition as well as shot-gun shells and pyrotechnics.


At Jaheziya, we provide technical, vocational and professional training for intra-agency, inter-agency and multi-agency operations in the fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness, and crisis/disaster management.

At Jaheziya, our facilities serve as a platform to re-enact and recreate past incidents and perceived threats

Burkan Munitions Systems (BMS)

Founded in 2007, Burkan Munitions Systems LLC (BMS) is manufacturing, assembling and testing a wide range of ammunition such as infantry, artillery and aircraft bombs.

In 2009, Burkan’s production facility manufactured the 40mm low velocity rounds and started the demilitarization operations.

Rabdan Academy

Rabdan Academy has been established as a future class, dual-sector education institution operating in Abu Dhabi.

The Academy is licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with academic programs accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation.

Remaya International

Since 2009, Remaya International has been an expert in consulting on designing and delivery of world-class solutions for the shooting industry.

Remaya’s cache of professional services and turnkey solutions for shooting ranges and clubs includes design and development down to management and consulting.

Tawazun Advanced Defense Systems (TADS)

At TADS, we design solutions for remote, long-range, high-impact, and precise combat weaponry by utilizing advanced UAE engineering to deliver world-class innovative products.

Drawing from the experience of renowned Russian weapon manufacturer Tsar Cannon, and meshed with the manufacturing capabilities of Tawazun Precision Industries, TADS was created as a subsidiary after the acquisition of the Russian company Tsar Cannon.

Tawazun Training Center (TTC)

TTC was born out of a vision to developing human resource capabilities and support Tawazun’s long-term growth strategy. At TTC, we design and deliver a variety of high quality training and development programs for both UAE nationals and expatriates.

We have secured strategic partnerships with recognized educational institutes in the UAE and beyond to equip trainees with a better standard of technical education. Some of the academic institutions we have synergized with include UAE University, Abu Dhabi University and the Simson Private Akademie Institute in Germany.

Tawazun Dynamics (TD)

At Tawazun Dynamics, we serve the Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) industry with a continuum of solutions ranging from design and manufacture through to supply chain and maintenance.

Since its inception, Tawazun Dynamics has expanded its core competencies to be able to design, develop, create, assemble, sub-assemble and manufacture products through the development of local suppliers, mastering of industrial expertise as well as deployment of the latest technologies.

Tawazun Precision Industries (TPI)

At Tawazun Precision Industries (TPI), we serve all facets of industrial needs for Tawazun’s emerging industries and beyond.

Defense, aerospace and oil & gas are the three core business lines around which we configure our competencies, and each of our solutions is calibrated to industry-specific standards.

Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP)

Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP) is a flourishing address earmarked as the epicenter of advanced precision industries.

Located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, TIP is primed to be a business hub creating efficiencies though the effective provision of a world-class platform for strategic manufacturing organizations.


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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