Social Responsibility

ADASI is a staunch supporter of activities promoting Corporate Social Responsibility.
Our support to the community will improve safety and create jobs; contributing to the overall progress of Abu Dhabi. The continued development of ADASI will promote economic diversification, an important goal for the future of the emirate.  We also provide training and education for Emiratis, preparing them for highly skilled positions in hi-tech Industries.

By providing the latest technology in autonomous systems, we are able to  contribute to national security, as well as better capabilities in defence, exploration and a diverse range of civilian applications. Autonomous systems have proven to  be invaluable for environmental study and exploration. Their use can aid the government in its conservation efforts.

Through such efforts, we are paving the way for a more diverse and sustainable  future. The promotion of security, research and development, training and education all align with Abu Dhabi’s vision for the future.


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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