Aerostat System

ADASI aerostats system set to be the first system in the GCC region to develop, use, assemble and sell. This system has been announced since 2011 that are being planned for integrate and operate by ADASI in the capital of UAE “Abu Dhabi” with the aim to reach all needs of GCC and allies. Our products distill a wealth of aerostat– operating &maintaining for governments and companies across the globe – and combine the best of many different technical concepts into a single family of cost-effective &user-friendly in aerostat platforms. The aerostat is also the ideal for monitoring areas in which ground-based surveillance that would be rendered ineffective by domain obstructions, or where manned aerial surveillance is deemed too costly. This what makes the systems much significant for maritime surveillance applications, protecting ports and costal borders, as well as inland border surveillance applications. These first development systems represent the smallest of three levels of capability that we intend to offer, and therefore; to discover detailed specs and capabilities for ADASI’s aerostat systems, please see the table below:



  • Tethered balloon




  • 7 days
  • Max. Wind at take-off 15 km/h


  • Max. wind when flying 45 Km/h


  • Depend on weather condition





  • Max operating altitude 500 feet AGL from a launch pad of up to 2,000 feet AMSL.




  • Envelope volume: 210m3
  • Max. Diameter: 14.24m
  • m
Length : 5.81  m




Payload: 63 kg




  • EO/IR camera 
  • Radar
  • EW
Communication system: Optical fiber (hi-speed)




  • Larger aerostats are expected to carry heavier payload to a higher altitude but will require a larger crew and infrastructure footprint
  • Further details will become on your hand very soon






At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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