Procurement & Contract Management Services

hat makes us the preferred choice amongst our clients is our ability to act as their unmanned systems specialist to support them throughout the procurement process. We do not currently manufacture unmanned or autonomous systems ourselves. This enables our clients to draw from our unbiased assessments. Our team organizes demonstrations, helping clients choose autonomous systems suited for specific missions.

Requirements Definition

Taking advantage of the extensive experience of our operators, ADASI’s specialists can assist our customers in the formalization of their needs and the definition of solutions to their specific operational requirements. Through its deep knowledge of unmanned systems, ADASI is able to make recommendations for the best use of unmanned systems in order to generate significant performance or efficiency gains for our customers.

Equipment Test & Evaluation

Maintaining a good knowledge of the various unmanned system suppliers, ADASI is able to organize demonstration and evaluation campaigns to assess the performance of a wide range of different types of equipment and its ability to adapt to the requirements of both the selected missions and to the operating environment.

Contract Negotiation

ADASI has the capability to support its customers in their negotiations with suppliers to ensure that their value is maximized during the procurement phase and also throughout the life-cycle of the product. This aspect is critical to avoid customer expectations not being met and potential conflict between the supplier and the end user, which is inevitably detrimental for the operational efficiency of the system.

Procurement Contract Management

With its Program Management team ADASI is able to manage and support the technical and administrative relationship with OEMs during production and acceptance phases.


At ADASI, we are the first in the UAE to deliver a comprehensive range of services that span the entire continuum of autonomous systems. 


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